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Parking Policy

As you can imagine, it’s not easy to get a permit to operate a restaurant and store in the center of a big city like Rotterdam for motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, bikers do not have the best reputation in the eyes of the general public and the local government, and motorcycling is often associated with motorcycle gangs and disrespectful behavior.

Let’s prove them all wrong! We know that 99% of the motorcycle population exists of decent men and women who just have a passion for everything on 2 wheels and who love the smell of gasoline more than anything. This doesn’t mean we’re all hooligans, right?

So, our plead to all visitors of Republic Moto Rotterdam is to be extra respectful to our direct surroundings and our neighbors. It’s quite easy actually. Don’t park your bike blocking the road or hindering pedestrians. Don’t ride your bike on the side walk. Don’t revv up your engine in front of the building. Don’t do wheelies on the Goudsesingel just to be cool.

In short, act normal, respect the law, and keep down the noise.

There’s plenty of parking space in the area; on the Goudsesingel, around the back at the Meenthof or on the Meent itself.

On behalf of Team Republic Moto, our neighbors, the City of Rotterdam and the entire motorcycle community, we appreciate your support!